PUG (noun): small stout dog with a smooth coat, perfectly curly tail, and adorably wrinkled face. For multiple, see GRUMBLE.

After adding two pugs to our family in 2017 myself, husband and son have become pug fanatics. They go everywhere with us and we look to keep them their best. This means many walks, belly rubs and of course the best treats! While not being picky is a trait of pugs where food is concerned, us humans had their backs! Soon, I had the idea to started making my own treats for our pugs for birthdays and other holidays and from there Grumble Goods was born! Our products feature all natural ingredients that are great for dog bellies while still be delicious!

From Left to Right:

Mathew (Pug Lover),

Rebecca (ALPHA)

Spuddy (the Goodest boy)

Petunia (the Bestest girl)

Calvin (mini Pug Lover)


Photo Credit: Olivia Schweers Photography